Love, laughter, patience and champagne:
living with a man with dementia

Our dad, Ian, is 92. Dad has dementia, although you wouldn't know it if you first met him. 

He also has cancer and in 2011 we were told he had just months to live. The day we were told this, my husband John and I and my sisters Prue and Nikki decided he would never spend another night alone, that one of us would always be with him.  It was tough, especially as we all have demanding jobs but six years on he's still with us, and his doctors believe that his survival is in part because of the love and care he's been given.
In 2016, John and I moved Dad in with us and our dog Luca and together we are travelling the dementia road. It's a tough journey and it's only going to get tougher, and sadder. So many of our friends are travelling the same road, sharing their experiences and travails that we have decided to set up this blog; to share our stories, and theirs, and yours. Because we all need all the help we can get.

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This Precious Life

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